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Marketig is changing - Experiential Marketing Presentation

Brands are being built around how consumers’ experience them!

How to Create a Memorable Brand Experience?

This report summarizes a two-day summit on brand experiential marketing that included seminars, keynotes and symposia featuring speakers from well-known companies including Starbucks, Crocs, and Gap. These companies are known specifically for their memorable experiential marketing tactics.

Experiential Marketing On Brand Advocacy - International Business & Economics Research Journal

Traditionally, marketing was about delivering the right product to the consumer at the right place and set at the right price. In recent years, experiential marketing has increased in popularity among companies that aim at delivering holistic experiences to be enjoyed by their consumers. With the technology explosion and the level of development the past number of years, marketers have become more and more focussed on different ways and methods to reach consumers. The use of experiential marketing as a means of getting consumer buy-in and attention is gaining in momentum – with Apple leading the way.

Experiential Marketing Trends 2014 - Experiential Marketing report

Our 2014 Experiential Marketing Trends Report is based on conversations with partner agencies, requests from brands, industry research and attendance at the most buzz – worthy events the experiential marketing industry has to offer.